Meet Katherine:

I would like to share a little about myself and my personal soul journey,


believe in the power of inspiration, the healing of transformation, unlimited possibilities, and surrendering to my Soul’s requests.

…fell in love with transformation and conscious evolution when I was still in high school through meeting my friend Creg, that introduced me to enlightened teachers such as Krishnamurti and books like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and popular self-help books like “I’m Okay You’re Okay” (I realize I am dating myself here).

… became passionate about holistic and alternative healing during my college days. I studied as much as I could get my hands on and used these teachings on myself and my friends.

… I started a personal crusade to first heal myself, as I continued to struggle with an accumulation of coping with childhood trauma of abandonment, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Depression, low self-esteem, drug use, poor relationships, promiscuity, all threatened my desire to become whole and healed. I knew I had a higher calling to contribute in big ways, but had to heal first and most importantly learn new tools.

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With every step I took in my spiritual healing journey, what and who I needed showed up – like magic.”


…learned that by trusting the universe and my intuition, that something greater was working and guiding me – even in my darkest times. I found that angels were always present. I found that I had in my life real angels that would swoop in, believe- in me, and that cared and loved me. My greatest angel was my loving, kind Grandmother. She taught me how to have a deep personal Soul connection.

…took on several jobs in the health industry and I volunteered for hospice working with the dying.

…continued to follow by heart when I met a man in Homer, Alaska, where I was working with an alternative Nursing Home. We married and had two children via homebirths in Alaska. A little boy, named Abel and a girl named Larissa.

…started my anti-career path becoming a yoga instructor, facilitator of women’s groups and found my spiritual teacher and Shaman, Lynn Andrews. I found that as I healed my creativity started to flourish. I had my “ah ha” moment during a weekend silent yoga retreat, when I found a small ad in a magazine that offered Feng Shui as a way to create harmony in your environment and I knew I was born to do that.

…completed an Interior Design program and received training in Feng Shui, which I combined into a successful Feng Shui and design business. It was a perfect marriage between my Soul and energy work bringing greater awareness of the invisible and spiritual worlds.

…have spent over two decades in helping hundreds of clients to unblock blockages from the inside out, setting intention & grounding spiritual energy into their homes and businesses to help them become happier, healthier and more successful. I even helped someone with an energy cure to conceive a baby after years trying.

…began to understand first hand the power of living from the heart

…quickly realized that my gifts, talents and skills were helping them to overcome mental and emotional blocks and to set an intentional field to attract more of what they were wanting. One of my clients became a world dance champion at the age of 40!

And now, I am feeling that nudge deep inside from my Soul to step into another unknown avenue to offer what I have learned in a new way than I have ever done before. Because I know I can only take my clients to places/spaces that I have been to myself, I am also stepping into the fear of the unknown and taking that leap of faith to live my bigger dream – to help mentor others with the secrets that I have found.

I certainly had the choice to do less, but instead I am doing more and having more fun doing it. At the same time, I am allowing myself to embrace the fear that arises as I continually find myself stretching past my comfort zone. I was not the savvy computer wizard last year that I am today and I know that I will even know more next year if I continue to grow (My husband laughs at calling myself a computer wizard as I have only begun!).

But.., I continue to show up wholly and fully because I want to make sure that as many people that want to live in greater awareness, in their power and authenticity, in radiance and be truly successful in all areas of their lives – that they don’t have to take as long or as hard and as isolated journey as my own journey was.

I am stepping up into being a way-shower, not because I am somehow more advanced than anyone else (simply not true, we are all equal), but because I am willing to create a space in which that learning can take place by sharing the information and experience that I have gathered. I know that Mother Earth’s in the midst of shaking off the old ways of domination, competition and destruction and is calling each of us to get-it-together, to offer our hidden gifts and talents.

This is a time of great opportunity to create a balanced, self sustaining, life affirming reality in which there is greater compassion, love, understanding, prosperity, and, in addition, human kindness above all things. I would like to see the eradication of addiction, sexual exploitation and physical abuse to children, cruelty of animals or any other cruelty, and instead turn our attention to what is possible. What our imaginations can image can become real!

My quest is to find ways that support others in what I found so rich in value for myself; to deepen my understanding of what it means to be a woman, to lead from my heart, and to listen and tap into the wisdom of my Soul to not only be a part of my life, but to lead my life.

I continue to …,

…insist on continuously learning and finding the best teachers/resources out there.

…see everything as an opportunity to learn something, create something, or try something new because to live in the unknown is to be truly alive.

…believe that when I allow it to be true, anything is possible and we can succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

…see the size of our dreams is the only limit to the possibilities and opportunities out there.

…love to bring conscious awareness and new transformational perspectives to others.

…love being with my family, read a good book, and have deep meaningful conversations with my friends.

…love sacred things, and places, having traveled a few years back to sacred states in England and Ireland.

…love my ability to feel energy and to be okay with being a bit strange, as it is now serving me well.

…love to fuse ideas together, transform them into practical, simple, yet effective new ways that others can implement so they can take action.

…be inspired by beauty, as it is the next thing to God, herself and love to play with colors, textures and pattern and creating beautiful spaces

…love connecting the dots between a client’s passion, her purpose, and supporting her to take action to achieve her dreams.

My History vs. my energy story…,

For years I struggled between thinking that success meant having a lot of nice things, money and having a real job and thinking that those things were not spiritual.

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