Ego or Heart

You are running your home or life from your ego if you …,

Are overly concerned with other people’s opinion and point of view?

Compare and/or compete with others, trying to keep up with the Jones?

Feel you have to be right or win?

Feel like even when you achieve or receive something that you want more?

Feel a level of dissatisfaction and despair often?

Feel like asking for help makes you appear weak?

If you say yes to any of the above, your current operating system is being ego driven. Our eegbigos are necessary and important but never meant to act as our controller. The problem with the ego is as Wayne Dryer states,” ego stands for edging God out”. Our egos can be so separate and alone that it loses its connection to our larger self our essence and starts to lead our lives in ways that shuts out our souls. As a result we create our lives on a false premise trying constantly to make sure we have enough, and this starts a cycle that takes a lot of effort. We are so busy attempting to serve our ego’s needs instead of our deeper purpose. And as a result negative experiences are created over and over again, until an upgrade of your operating system is adopted.

There has never been a more ripe time to live our lives to align to our higher vision and create the life we want to live. As the world is changing and structures are collapsing so is the egoism structures of our own personalities. As we embrace life sustaining systems like Feng Shui and find new approaches we begin to align our ego’s to become in service to our bigger vision and purpose is found.

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