How to Transform the Energy of a Bully or Energy Vampire

Photo by Fredrick Linge

Photo by Fredrick Linge

Every one of us has had the experience of being bullied. It crosses all ages, all races and all times.

One of the huge ramifications and consequence of living with a power over another, the ego conditioning of a time past is that power was gained by taking it from another. But, this is changing in the new age of the soul, where we are living from the heart instead of ego power.

Most of us recognize a bully, someone that asserts their will over us and excerpts pressure to confirm to their point of view and way of doing and being.

But it is the more subtle type of a vampire, energy draining that is another side of the coin or bully behavior that is often disguised in a sweet package. A soft spoken, gentle, creative type that has not had the opportunity yet to hold a strong ego sense of who they are that becomes passive aggressive as they feel desperate and need to reclaim their own personal power. This intense need to protect and defend themselves from their past experiences that hurt them often brings everyone suspect of needing to watch others through a victims lens so they can get what they need often at the expense of others.

I, myself, engaged more of this type of bullying in my life. While I do not like to admit it, I didn’t have the tools to understand it for a long time even though I was engaged in spiritual work. It is not anyone’s fault that they have an underdeveloped or overdeveloped ego, but is each person’s responsibility to become aware of it and re-set a new course of action that manages the ego in a healthy way.

An underdeveloped ego is when one’s personal power was often arrested in the maturation of building a strong ego.
It is important to have clear boundaries, to know your own personal power and weld with this strength. A bully can be from this underdeveloped or over development of the ego that is often too controlling and domineering personality.

As in all real learning it has to come from deep within yourself, seeing your own behavior and then making a resolve to shift and change it. It is hard to do but so worth the effort. And when you recognize your own neediness or desperation you can see it in others. That is real power the power to transform and transmute unaware, destructive energy into the light. The dark is only the unknown yet not brought into the light of awareness where a new pattern of truth becomes a willful choice.

As Eckhart Tolle states in his book, A New Earth, it is enough to simply bring the awareness of this experience into your consciousness and with no judgment, only compassion to make a new choice that honors the light with your soul.

Here are a few clues as to the behavior within you or others that show the energy of bullying, or energy vaporing.

  1. Blaming others for life not working out.
  2. Having to defend or protect.
  3. Not listening and getting what others are feeling and say
  4. A heavy desperate need to cling.
  5. Using low vibration words like needy and desperate.
  6. Others not responding in the way you want them to
  7. Not a clear sense of personal boundaries of yourself or others
  8. Trying to control a situation to get what you want.
  9. Not trusting the universe to supply your heart’s desires.
  10. Refusing to see the gift in any and all seemingly negative experiences.
  11. Falling into a state of darkness and dis-ease in response of other peoples decisions.

What you can do when you experience the bullying and/or an energy vampire experience in others or within yourself?

Remind yourself that there is a gift of awareness within this opportunity. A gift to rewire your old ego brain to a higher cortex of a loving, kind and compassionate one in which will rise you to your joy for life again. Your soul is here for its own joy. Allow it to be so.

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