Spring Stressing You Out?

SpringI once heard from a spiritual teacher that while it is natural within our human nature to leap forward, maybe so we can prepare- it can also be the very thing that prevents us from deep fulfillment of being in the very presence of the NOW. Instead of being relaxed during the first few warm and sunny days of spring many of us to rush all the way to July 4th.

I have recently started to take afternoon walks which I find stress releasing but only a few of those and I am already noticing how much yard work needs to be done as well as many projects that were left for the spring that is now the time to finish. I am at the crossroad of drive and/or enjoyment, using the time in the afternoon to pick up weeds and debris instead of taking luxurious afternoon walks. But, I am catching myself and while it is important to do the yard work he walks brought me so much joy. So, instead of filling my time with all the things that need to be done I am going to balance a little of walking with some weeding at the end of the walk or a little before the walk but keep the joyful activity on a daily basis. I am like a lot of other people that spring propels them into a lot of action, filling our calendars with endless tasks and projects but we are only at a beginning of longer days and shorter nights. We have many of these to experience. When we trust that each season of our lives like the seasons of the year slowly build into a magnificent story or song, with harmonious notes that may be missed if not fully present for them.

If you find yourself getting stressed out and adding more too many things to your to do list you may be in danger of losing precious time. A mind that leaps forward is not present for what is in front of it. It starts to push against things instead of leaning into them. You may experience being overwhelmed or not feeling supported because you are out of the flow of grace where even the force of gravity starts pulling and pushing. This pinches off the divine flow of the feminine flow where the universe opens its helpers for your daily assistance.

  1. Slow it down-practice the next task by deliberating slowing each movement slower and slower until you can feel energy of expansion and relaxation within the task. You will find the sweet spot of ease there.
  2. Change up your altar space-clean, DE clutter and add the right symbol and energy in a picture, statue or a certain type of flower. You may have a winter spot within your home and a spring/summer area for your spiritual daily practice. Where would that be?
  3. Take short but more often walks, 10 or 20 minutes in the morning and before dinner helps you to notice the shifts in the walks and in nature. Even the difference of a few hours makes on the opening of the fresh new buds on trees and blooms in the gardens/yards can change greatly. Take in that chi (energy) and use it to enliven your own projects and creativity.

Have a beautiful day, starting with this short 10 minute video to remind you of how much of a gift each day is. This was sent to me from a friend/client and I so appreciated it I wanted to send it to you.

It is worth staying through the end of it.

Katherine Allen

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