VIP Packages for Home for the Soul

Home for the Soul Mentoring is for you if:

You are someone that loves to spend time making your home …

Do you love to spend time making your home...

How about decorating from the inside out?

Over 15 years and hundreds of homes, Soul for the Home Mentor, Katherine
Allen, takes a soulful approach in Feng Shui, helping you align your home for Your Soul.

Your environment is a mirror of yourself!

Change your enviroment equals changing your Life!

Katherine has worked with hundreds of clients in their homes with the ancient art of

Feng Shui and Interior design. She brings this experience forward in

VIP Packages taking your environment and your life to the next Level!

As she helps you to delve into the rooms of your external enviroment she also opens you to the inner abode making healing shifts in your spiritual contracts. In doing so, unblocks the energy that holds you back.

The Results…, helping you to seat an attractor site for magnifying and magnetizing your intentions with ease and swiftness–allowing the flow of abundance, health, vitality, love and all that you desire !

Full day /half day either on-site /on-line virtual opportunities are available.

You can choose and decide the focus for our time together from the following:

  • Identify and clarify your Style
  • Set a design direction
  • Open energy blockages
  • Set a clear intention within your spaces

Katherine will help you to FIND THE SECRET links between inner soul design and
interior design!


  • Reduced Stress
  • Overall heightened sense of wellness
  • Improved Health
  • More comfort
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual unity
  • Speedier Recovery in depression, grief and loss.
  • More contentment
  • Increased personal power
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Easing conflict
  • UMO’s (Unexplained Magical Occurrences)

We will explore each rooms function, purpose, intent, and spirit within the selections of textures, colors, materials and elements.

You choose THE AREA to focus:

  • The Entry and Center of the House
  • Gathering Spaces, Living, Family
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen & Dining Rooms
  • Offices, closets and other Spaces
  • Caring for your Home and fostering of Soul within its Walls

Here is what a few clients have said about Katherine’s unique gifts:

Jane K.
Katherine has been a part of my life for many years. Katherine meets you where you are in your life and gently offers possibilities to move in healthy directions in every area of your life if you are looking for that.

Katherine has incredible insights and awareness’s that are rare and very helpful. She is much grounded and has well developed skills in a multitude of areas.

Each experience with her will be rich and rewarding in the areas you ask for her guidance and wisdom.

She works with beauty and energy and flow and creates amazing results. She has also enriched my personal life, enhanced my understanding of my inner life and added to my wisdom and growth. Her soul coaching has been a very positive addition to her offerings.I am a happier, wiser and more aware person thanks to Katherine.

Thank-you so much for your points and direction! YOU CANNOT BELIEVE HOW DIFFERENT AND SO MUCH BETTER OUR HOUSE FEELS or, probably you CAN! The living room has BEEN TRANSFORMEND as has the office. The changes that have been made have even contributed to de-cluttering and better organization/set-up of the work flow in the office. I actually feel positive about going to work tomorrow, something and I haven’t felt in quite awhile!

Here is a little about my own journey in how I came to help people with their spaces.

My Journey

I had my “ah. ha” moment during a weekend silent yoga retreat, when I found a small ad in a magazine which offered Feng Shui as a way to create harmony in your environment. I understood immediately what I was born to do.

… Completed an Interior Design program and received training in Feng Shui, which I combined into a successful

Feng Shui and design business. It was a perfect marriage between my Soul and energy work bringing greater awareness of the invisible and spiritual worlds.

.. . have spent over two decades in helping hundreds of clients to break through blockages from the inside out, setting intention & grounding spiritual energy into their homes and businesses to help them become happier, healthier and more successful.

Katherine is a leader in the area of integrating inner and outer environments for whole life success.

Katherine Allen holds a BA in General Studies with an emphasis in Art, Community, Health and Sociology, a 3 yr- Professional Interior Design certificate and is certified as a Feng Shui consultant.

Attract more money, energy, vitality, love or whatever your desire. Now is the perfect time to make a commitment to live your best life by aligning your home for YOUR Soul!

Home for the Soul VIP Day Sale

Private VIP Workshop

Home for the Soul’s In-Home OR Virtual VIP Day

  • Yes, I would love to love to have Katherine help me with my home or office.  I’m ready to start!


Your Half Day or Full Day VIP Private Workshop Package Investment Includes:

  • Initial Discovery session on Phone before the date of your Workshop (scheduled after your registration is…