Women, who want to take charge of their life destiny’s, to experience success on their own terms, reclaim their power, passion and soul’s purpose!

Are you a Spiritually- minded Woman:

Who is ready to deepen your spiritual journey into a personal transformation?

Who feels a tug from deep inside to shift directions – sensing a change is necessary, but are unsure what that shift will be, what it will look like, or how to make it happen?

Who is feeling a deep individual calling within to re-design your life, to live a happy, fulfilling life, but are feeling overwhelmed with doing it all – alone?

Who is feeling an urge to reawaken your soul’s calling, passion and purpose and power?

Who feels weighed down by life’s experiences and would like to heal for once and for all?

Now, is the time to stake your claim in the New Age of the Enlighten Soul! Align with the Divine Souls’ Feminine Energy so that you can create the life you love to live! Reclaim your mojo, passion and purpose. Take charge of your life’s destiny by co-creating with your divine soul to bring greater contributions to the world. The World needs you!!!

Your Soul Biz provides individual and group mentoring Programs, on-line tele-classes, products and self-study courses for women or the feminine side of a man, that wants to bridge the gap between where they are now to living from their highest calling, purpose and passion.

We specialize in working with women that are spiritually seeking enlightening in daily living with wholeness, and fulfillment on all levels, stability in day to day and to connect with the inner wisdom teachings of the new paradigm shift of the Age of the Enlighten Soul. Your Soul Biz is designed to strengthen the priority of the business of your soul.

We help mentor women to cross the sacred threshold into a new era by teaching new, soul and energy strategies/tools which will help connect them to their intuitive edge, to help tap into their built-in success plan, as well as, to clarify for how to take that giant step forward for accelerated and amazing results in all areas of their lives.

Are you ready willing, and excited to re-set a new course of action for the next step of your life to live in authenticity, stand in your power and to make good on your dreams?

To unleash your hidden potential and align to your soul’s purpose.., and live your greatest destiny!

As well as:

  • To manifest greater amounts spiritual and financial rewards?
  • To connect to living a life that is more fulfilling and meaningful?
  • To step in, up and out into the bigger vision you have for yourself?
  • To bring forth your greater gifts and talents and to harness the commitment and courage you will need in order to share your greater contributions?
  • To gain greater access to your intuition / inner knowing by learning how to develop your soul communication?
  • To understand the essential role that your own actions and words contribute to your life?
  • To increase personal intent, personal power, self worth and value for being a woman?

Your Soul Biz provides you with the simple daily, yet effective, soul and energy strategies which you can use to access the breakthrough secrets which will help you to rise above obstacles and soar into embracing the unstoppable, loving, powerful and fabulous you.

What would your life be like if you allowed your soul to speak?

And, what if you listened and followed its advice?

The results–  a soul-infused life and business. A life and business where it feels like “heaven in everyday living” and where there is greater gain in love, prosperity and fun coming from a place of inner alignment. The results will be experienced as greater joy, peace, and deeper compassion. You will aspire to an increase of well-being, more risk-taking, greater confidence, living without regrets; and experiencing a feeling of a life, lived well!


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