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When you align with your Soul’s purpose, you will achieve results beyond your wildest dreams!

Lao Tzu said: The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Dear Divine Soul Sister,

Now is your time! Imagine… your daily happiness quotient increasing 100 fold? What would your life look like if you had all the time, money and energy to do what you loved and have what you truly want?


You are invited to become a soul sister member in Your Soul Biz’s exclusive new programs designed specifically for the Woman that wants to take that next leap of spiritual/mental/physical well being and personal growth in her next level of making greater contributions in her life.

Welcome to Your Soul Biz VIP programs that are uniquely designed to support you to soar ahead and manifest your deepest contributions and gifts where the results of greater joy, love, money, well-being and fulfillment will be yours. Your Soul Biz will focus on providing the training and the tools for transformation in order to make the changes you need to take that next step in manifesting. Also, there is an additional focus on providing you with the the much needed support and encouragement it takes you to take that leap into the new you.  The successful, powerful, confident, loving, illuminating brilliant YOU.

You will enjoy ongoing access to Katherine’s spiritual teachings from what she has learned in Feng Shui, Shamanism, Yoga and many other esototic ancient teachings. She re-interprets their messages for todays relevant needs. She will also be sharing with you scores of tools and techniques she has found extremely valuable learned from many of today’s greatest teachers and teachings. She will bring in from other levels of the soul world including your past loved ones, angels, your ascended masters and other divine soul guides additional messages that will bring extraordinary happiness and success into your life. From spiritual transformational tools, personal mentoring, exclusive networking opportunities, new classes, monthly Soul Sister’s Circle, transformational mastermind groups to VIP days — it is all about taking you from the old model of surviving to the new model of becoming fully engaged into your new life. In this new life, you will experience having an extraordinary thriving in all areas of your life.

Mentor and founder, Katherine Allen has been a trailblazer. In her own healing and transformational journey, spanning over 25 years, she has learned to “show up” for her soul’s requests. She has successfully created business opportunities for her clients – so that they can see, feel and experience the results of living in alignment to their deepest heart’s desires.

We are delighted to offer a range of results-nothing like you have ever experienced before for the spiritually minded woman who whats to be successful at showing up wholly and fully engaged and ready to leap forward in what is emerging within her at all levels. And with programs ranging from $ 19.00/month to $10,000.00 a year – there is surely a level to fit your needs and budget.

The 5 Breakthrough Soulful Steps VIP Programs will give you the secret keys that open your success in all areas of your life to:

  • attract more of what you want
  • get the results you want with greater ease
  • create the mindset for allowing what you want more of to show up
  • find like-minded people that support and encourage you
  • empower you to take that leap of faith into whatever you want to be/do next
  • unplug from unsuccessful habits/mindset that prevent you from going forward
  • own your own uniqueness and find the ways to shine more brightly in your life for beyond your wildest dreams new reality
  • eliminate stessors and find true peace, happiness and fulfillment
  • unblock enviromental feng shui blockages and re-design your inner and outer enviroments to be in alignment to your goals

Start on your Soul Journey today!

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