Living Your Divine Design

A Divinely-Inspired
Three Month Tele-Circle
Living your Divine Design Circle

An Invitation to Soul Sisters,

Are you someone who is feeling a nudge to take a giant step forward and align with your divine design so that your life is on track with passion, purpose and joy?

If you answered yes, then this nudge is a sign from your soul that you are ready to step into playing in a bigger playground of love, support, and encouragement.

Our challenge is that our entire planet is at the breaking point and needs to set a new course of direction. The soul-ion is for each of us as individuals to step into our own brilliance and surrender our fears in order to make that important shift from surviving to thriving.

How do we do that?

By joining me in the Living your Divine Design Circle

You have an important part in our planet’s awakening.

I invite you to take this important journey and step over the sacred threshold of personal transformation and healing and stake your claim in co-creating your best life and to help create a New Earth.

You’re enlightenment truly makes a difference!

It’s your life you get to create it the way you want!

How the program works:

A live tele-class (recorded for your convenience) and a Soul Yoga/Sacred circle each month via phone personally from Katherine Allen— founder of the soul-led mentoring and spiritual leader/mentor that supports and encourages you with deep love and compassion.

Living your Divine Design Circle is a program that is ran entirely virtually. You will gain access to teachings/techniques from Katherine throughout a 3 month program. It will provide you with all the tools, insights, and teachings that are important to gain understanding and mastery of tools that will help you embody the new you in a new time on Earth. This is where you will receive on-going spiritual soul tips/strategies that will further your ability to access your soul for inner guidance and to strengthen your intuition for action-inspired actions.

The package comes with these privileges:

You will enjoy a monthly teaching call introducing a new tool and a live Circle call with Q and A time. Both are recorded for your convenience so that you can listen to them when you want.

The calls are designed to teach you new energetic tools, techniques and to help you develop a mindset for creating a new blueprint for life. You will be experiencing greater success, ease, a better flow in your life, and more joy! You will also have personal fulfillment in your life, work, family, community and in the world.

Here are more details about the mastery circle program for living your divine design.

6 Private one-on-one mentoring calls with Katherine ( 3 mos. program)

Each month you and I will meet on the telephone for PRIVATE 45 minute personal mentoring sessions.

Bonus: Sign up by April 15, 2013 and receive:

Private 1 ½ hour setting the trajectory session (This session addresses the question;” What is your Soul’s next step…?)

3 Teaching Circle(s) with a special focus of a Soul/energy theme

May-How to manage the ego and put it into retirement.
June– How to manage your energy for increasing your vitality and vibration
July-Spiritual contracts for better relationships in the new Soul Era.

3 Templates of the Month

Each Teaching Circle call will be followed by a life design template that you can add to your transformational toolkit to help you design your new blueprint of what you want to become.

3 Live Soul Yoga/Sacred Circle held monthly

Here are the descriptions for Soul Yoga and Sacred Circle.

Soul Yoga intent is to bind together, and refers to the soul, body and mind coming together in harmony. The first 15-20 minutes will include meditation, visualization and breathing exercises. These will assist you in establishing that very important foundation for receiving harmony, peace, abundance that comes from connecting with your soul and higher self.

Sacred circle is designed to share and discuss your experience of applying the concepts /tools from the teaching call and to speak your truth. Each member will have an opportunity to share from their heart to the group for counsel. This portion of our call will not be recorded.

Monthly Progress Tracking Email

Before your first Private call of the Month with Katherine you will receive an email to list your accomplishments, celebrate your successes and to check in. A 24-hour turn around email will outline any additional feedback from Katherine so that our next personal call can have a running start of what is important to you to move to your next Soul step.

Monthly Teaching Circle and Soul Yoga/Sacred Circle Time: 2nd Thursdays of each month at 4:00 PT, 5:00 pm MT, 7:00 pm EST the teaching call will be 45-55 minutes followed with sacred circle gathering that runs an additional 45 mins.  (These dates/times may change to adapt to the majority of the group)

Your enrollment in the “Living your Divine Design” Circle Bonuses (Valued over $750.00)

Bonus 1: Weekly blessings/prayers (priceless)

Bonus 2: Connecting with your Divine Soul Design Meditation Audio and Daily Connection Meditation and Success Journal (Download) (Valued at $97.00)

Bonus 3: Summary Transcripts and easy to use templates (for teaching circle 1st of the month) and audio downloads. (Valued at $500.00)

Bonus 4: Seasonal ceremony alignment teachings and meditation for each season.  Two seasons are covered every 6 month program (Valued at $250.00)

Bonus 5: 27-day “Connecting to your soul signature course:” Our signature self-study course (Valued at $197.00)

Bonus 7: Guest Interviews Calls:

Hope Van Vleet, Intuitive spiritual counselor, healer & teacher who works with the higher self, masters, and angels speaks with Katherine Allen, Soul & Energy Strategist of Your Soul   Katherine asks poignant questions to Hope that will illuminate how you can to begin to channel your higher self for practical daily energetic advantages.   At the end of the talk, you will receive a simple energy meditation and tool from Hope.

Ascending Life

Bonus 8: Personally selected book from Katherine.  This Program includes the book from Jean Houston, The Wizard of Us, Transformational Lessons from OZ.  This book is the answer to the call to transform yourself and the world.  It guides you beautifully through the soul world’s language of myth and story, getting to the heart of your own personal hero’s journey to transformation.

Your Soul is calling, the question is? Are you ready to listen?
Yes! I am ready to join and sign up for the

3-month Living your Divine Design Circle

Congratulations! There are 2 options to make this investment for you.

Option 1: Full Payment

$250.00 non-refundable deposit + $800.00 due on May 15, 2013

Bonus: 1 and ½ hour trajectory setting session if you sign up before April 15, 2013

Total: $1,050.00

Option 2: Installment Plan

$250.00 Non-Refundable Deposit +2 payments of $450 due on May 15 and June 15, 2013

Bonus: 1 and ½ hour trajectory setting session if you sign up before April 15, 2013

Total: $1,150.00

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