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Credentials and professional training:

Katherine Allen is in the business of helping clients to achieve life balance as a soul and energy stragestist. Your Soul Biz provides the training, tools, programs and support in mentoring clients in how-to dial into the larger conversation of their lives in order to unlock the secrets of getting and keeping more of what they are really wanting from the inside out. A successful, fulfilled life on your own terms.

Your Soul Biz is a natural evolution of her work over the years with hundreds of clients, both in their homes or in coaching as soul mentor and holistic designer. In addition, she has facilitated a multitude of women’s groups and circles on Transformation and Healing topics including Transformational Healing, Yoga, Feng Shui, and other health and well-being modalities that aid in transforming their lives to live as heroic feminine leaders and healers for greater improvement in their personal and professional lives and to create the inner/outer environments that support their intentions.

Katherine Allen holds a BA in Art, Community, Health and Sociology, a Professional Interior Design degree and is certified in Feng Shui. Katherine is trained in the intuitive arts through an Apprenticeship with Shaman Lynn Andrews, as well as Yoga certification and many other holistic practices.

She has been a facilitator for groups for over 20 years. Katherine assists her clients in living a balanced, enriched life from the inside out through a fusion of knowledge compiled from her intuitive, innate knowing, personal journey and study of Universal principles.

As a speaker:

Katherine has an engaging, simple to understand approach in sharing how universal and big ideas can make an impact in our daily lives and shares with easy, simple and practical ways they can be implemented into your life immediately. Her no-nonsense, humorous and compassionate perspectives are a joy to hear as she steps up in a powerful way to invite the energy of the room to be a part of her presentation making it always thought-provoking, healing and personal. There is a greater presence in the room when she speaks and it is malleable and present to everyone there.


Since 1996, Katherine has had numerous articles written about her and her work in Soul Feng Shui throughout the Northwest. She has been asked to be a frequent speaker at many venues including Aunties Bookstore in Spokane, Washington and at the Boise Chamber at the Lunch and Learn Series. She was published in International Massage Journal with her article on Feng Shui for the Massage Room. Her universal approach to Feng Shui and its evolution in Life Design was featured in a recent workshop at the Green Convention in Boise, Idaho. She has also been featured on radio shows and on television. She has taught numerous workshops and for over five years was a favorite teacher of Feng Shui at Noetic Massage School in Spokane. She has clients throughout the Northwest.

Speaking topics:

(To list a few)

  • Transformation at Work
  • The Secret of being Happy
  • Change your Thoughts -Change your Life
  • Nurturing the Emerging You
  • Jump and Embrace your Dream
  • How to get out of our own way
  • Saying Yes to the Heart
  • Know thy Style- Creating a Home for your Soul
  • How to have a stress-free, energized 5 day work week by learning 5 breakthrough soul and energy strategies that take 5 minutes or less.
  • How to awaken soul and energy into your life and business
  • The Evolution of You and Your Business-Your next step
  • Take charge of your life for amazing and accelerated results in all areas of your life
  • Discover your Purpose
  • Align your Business with passion, purpose and profits
  • Attracting More Clients with Ease
  • Unleash your Brilliance

Here is what others had to say about Katherine’s teaching and speaking…,

These are letters of recommendation for Katherine Allen.

 I first met Katherine in 1996, when I attended her weekend Feng Shui seminar, which I enjoyed very much. In 2000, I opened a massage school and was so impressed with Katherine that I asked her to help with the design and decoration of the school. People constantly compliment the school’s layout, color, and design. Katherine also created a 16-hour course on Feng Shui specifically tailored for massage therapists and the health field. Her ability to blend her studies of Feng Shui with her experience and knowledge as an interior designer has made this a permanent class in our curriculum, as well as one of the students’ favorites. Katherine is organized, knowledgeable, and can adapt her classes to be pertinent for many different formats. She has a thoughtful easy-going style of teaching, which is very personable.


Nancy J. Lee, B.S., LMT


 The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce has been fortunate to have Katherine Allen conduct a training two years in a row, 2003 and 2004 respectively, for our Small Business Training Series. We were surprised at the turnout for both trainings and found it interesting on how many people were interested in this topic. Katherine received commendable evaluations and many people walked away with ideas they could immediately implement in their workplaces. Additionally, the Idaho Statesman found the topic intriguing enough that they interviewed Katherine and did a follow-up newspaper article in conjunction with the Chamber training.


Barbara Bowman
V.P. Member Services

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